Boruto and the First Hokage's legacy

The latest Boruto episode had a twist very few fans were expecting and the twist was bringing a highly sort after shinobi commodity of the 1st Hokage; his cells. Hashirama Senju was the only Senju who was shown to be able to use wood style and that was due to the vitality in his cells. Even Madara Uchiha stole Hashirama's cells to increase his power to show how important it is and anyone who acquires the cells also seems to have access to using wood style ninjutsu albeit on a much smaller scale to Hashirama.

In the Boruto anime, the 1st hokage's legacy has been introduced and we have seen the effect of the cells being used. The first arc of the Boruto anime has seen people being possessed by some weird chakra which Boruto calls "The ghost" who either have to knocked out and talked down for the possession to be dispelled. Another person worth mentioning is Danzo as the culprit behind this possession may be an ex member of root either in the research division or the anbu black-ops unit. It would be interesting if the random pattern of the possessions are the work of a group not just an indivual and it would be interesting to see how this leads to an apocalyptic konoha. Also it would be nice if the 1st hokage's cells are being used for an anti-shinobi weapon as Nawaki stated that the age of shinobi is over. 

The Boruto anime is becoming more mysterious and also more exciting because there are a bunch of things that do not add up yet. Only Boruto can see the chakra, Mitsuki his teammate cannot see it but can sense it, it seems to be only able to pick people who are vulnerable emotionally and the possessions for now seem random. Toneri helping Boruto or rather being mysterious in a dream is quite the surprise since he stole his aunt's eyes in the past and tried to destroy the world, Boruto's dojutsu, the creature that Boruto summoned and now if there is a relationship between the 1st Hokage and Nawaki. The first hokage Hashirama Senju definitely left a mark on the shinobi world and now it seems a part of his legacy still lives on. My next series of posts would focus on Nawaki, The ghost and the mysterious Mitsuki.


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