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Boruto, Nue, the ghost and new mysteries...

The Latest episode of boruto has given us an insight into who or what the ghost he saw is. The ghostly chakra we saw which possessed people was just a forbidden jutsu used to collect the negative energy generated by shinobi who are emotionally vulnerable at the time. The jutsu is being manipulated by a masked figure who may be a former member of ROOT (Anbu division run by Danzo) or may be a shinobi who just has access to the research done by the scientific part of ROOT. This episode also gave some new information about Boruto's power and also the strange ghostly creature. This episode has opened up a lot possibilities and theories as to who or what Nue is, a possible connection to Kawaki and even the last Otsutsuki that is yet to be shown.  In this episode we can see that the Hashirama cell is used to create some sort of gateway or portal to a strange dark dimension and a creature there absorbs the the negative energy as it powers the door or gateway. A seal of some sort is shown…

Would there be a new akatsuki in Boruto?

The akatsuki were an organisation led by Nagato Uzumaki as Pain after the death of his dear friend Yahiko. They started as a humanitarian group whose purpose was to bring peace to Amegakure which had been used as a battlefield by other nations during the third shinobi world war. The akatsuki consisted of shinobi from different nations who were declared rogue ninjas by their nations and who possessed very unique skills and ninjutsu. Every single akatsuki member was a Jounin or Kage level shinobi. The akatsuki made up some of the best villains in the naruto story and it remains to be seen if an organisation like this would be formed in the new boruto series. But first lets review some of the members of the akatsuki to see if their roles can be replicated. The charismatic leader: Pain was the best villain in the Naruto series for me due to the kind of charisma he had and how he expressed his leadership to the members of his organisation. He had the wit and sense to keep his hot-headed me…

Who would train Sarada to use her Sharingan to its full ability?

Sarada Uchiha is the beginning of a new clan of Uchihas to come, Shin's clones may be added to the clan and counted as Uchihas but Sarada would one day lead the  clan. To be an Uchiha thru and thru, she needs to know and learn Uchiha techniques such as the Fire Release: Great Fireball jutsu which is a right of passage, she also needs to learn to master the sharingan in order to use it to devastating effect. There are a few shinobi in the village who can teach her to master the sharingan or aspects of it.
Her mother Sakura Uchiha was the best at chakra control in her year and could use it to break out of genjutsu which also means she can cast genjutsu even though she has not been shown using it. She seems to have taught Sarada her taijutsu style and shown in the manga when she defeated a lot of shin's clones with one punch and also in the chunin exams in the boruto movie. She is also shown to dispel genjutsu with her sharingan also during the chunin exams. Due to training from…

How Strong is Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake was the sixth hokage who succeeded Tsunade Senju after the fourth shinobi world war. He was the also the jounin sensei to team 7 who all went on to become very accomplished shinobis in their own right. Now back to Kakashi, how strong was he? There is no official power ranking system for shinobis in Naruto and a lot of fights that would have been awesome never happened and this has led to the inability to truly rank shinobis. An example is how Itachi said if he and Jiraiya were to fight, they would both die and the Sannin are a relatively balanced force but Tsunade is considered weaker than Kakashi, so does that mean that Jiraiya and Itachi are weaker than Kakashi; not by a long shot. 
Kakashi is the son of Sakumo Hatake, the white fang of the leaf who was said to be stronger than the Sannin. Kakashi was also a genius in his own right, he could use earth style before joining the academy. He was the first in his generation to be made a Chunin and then a Jounin. He was pa…

Can the Characters in Boruto match those in Naruto?

Some Naruto die hard fans have found it hard to accept Boruto as a series and say it is just a means to extend the storyline while making money and some reasons are Naruto and Sasuke should be too badass for anyone and Kaguya is the biggest, baddest villain in the Narutoverse. She may well be but the terms of engagement has changed, the enemies are now different and weirder and it seems using stolen power would be the order of the day for boruto villains. We only know of two boruto villains and they are from the movie; Momoshiki and Kinshiki, we know that there is still one more Otsutsuki out there, we know that there would be an army of sharingan wielding shin clones (would talk about this in another article) and we know that Kawaki wants to end the shinobi era. I believe Boruto gives kishimoto something that was good in Naruto classic and lost in Naruto Shippuden, good all out fights without magical power-ups and world ending jutsus ; anyone remember gaara vs lee, Naruto vs Neji, K…

Can Boruto surpass Naruto and Sasuke ?

It isn't unusual to see the new being better than the old, in fact it is the norm. Naruto and Sasuke have obtained godlike powers that makes them undisputed champions of the shinobi world. Naruto is the greatest sage and when he combines that power with that of the nine tails, only Sasuke with his complete body susanoo can match him for power. This dreamlike power makes it hard to imagine how Boruto would surpass both his father and his mentor but there are a few theories to show how.
Boruto as a shinobi has a strong bloodline and probably the strongest since the time of the Otsutsuki and his bloodline may give him abilities that would make him like one of them. His father is an Uzumaki famed for their chakra reserve and longevity and also is also the reincarnate of Asura Otsutsuki. His mother is a Hyuuga who are known for their chakra control, gentle fist taijutsu and their famed dojutsu, the byakugan. Compared to both his parents who were late bloomers, he is a genius in the sh…

The Ghost

With the latest episode out, we now know what the ghost Boruto saw was probably a result of a chakra stealing weapon designed by the research and development team of the Anbu Foundation unit. Like i stated in an earlier article, it would be nice if this was perpetuated by a team and not just an individual and this could be the Boruto's anime reply to the Akatsuki but let us focus on the ghost. 
There are a few questions surrounding the ghosts, why does it attack only those who are vulnerable emotionally or is it that it is a coincidence to throw off investigators. The ghost looks like the chakra form which shrouded the creature Boruto summoned and so there is the question about the connection between the the ghost and the summoning. If a weapon is being created from using the chakra the ghost collected, is the weapon a biological one or ninja tool. From episode one, we have seen the ghost gain a bit more shape and also getting stronger as it possesses more people. It was just a c…

Boruto and the First Hokage's legacy

The latest Boruto episode had a twist very few fans were expecting and the twist was bringing a highly sort after shinobi commodity of the 1st Hokage; his cells. Hashirama Senju was the only Senju who was shown to be able to use wood style and that was due to the vitality in his cells. Even Madara Uchiha stole Hashirama's cells to increase his power to show how important it is and anyone who acquires the cells also seems to have access to using wood style ninjutsu albeit on a much smaller scale to Hashirama.
In the Boruto anime, the 1st hokage's legacy has been introduced and we have seen the effect of the cells being used. The first arc of the Boruto anime has seen people being possessed by some weird chakra which Boruto calls "The ghost" who either have to knocked out and talked down for the possession to be dispelled. Another person worth mentioning is Danzo as the culprit behind this possession may be an ex member of root either in the research division or the a…

Konohamaru Sarutobi: Mini-Naruto or Sarutobi's heir?

The Sarutobi clan are one of the strongest clans in the leaf and also one of the few clans who are associated with mastery of the fire release like the Uchihas. Sasuke Uchiha was named after Sasuke Sarutobi who was said to be a renowned shinobi, there was also Hiruzen Sarutobi was the third hokage who was a student of the first and second hokages. Hiruzen Sarutobi was said to be the strongest kage during his reign as hokage and testament to this was when Orochimaru had to reanimate the first and second hokage to fight him and even admitted he would have lost if hiruzen was 10 years younger. Hiruzen also mastered the five elemental ninjutsu and was said to be better than the first and second at using all 5 styles(means he could use the variety of elemental styles more than both of them, Tobirama is recognised as the best water release user ever). His summoning Monkey King Enma who can only be summoned by the leader of the Sarutobi clan is one of the strongest summons. Asuma Sarutobi w…

The Forever Mangekyo

Obito Uchiha was one of the strongest Uchihas in history and downright one of the strongest characters in the narutoverse but something else made him unique. As an Uchiha, he had the Sharingan for his dojutsu and he eventually awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan. His Mangekyo Sharingan ability was called Kamui which was a teleportation jutsu which lets him teleport part or his whole body to his own dimension giving him the look of intangibility. Obito Uchiha used his Mangekyo Sharingan for close to 2 decades and it showed no sign of losing its light. Obito was unique in that way his eyes never lost its light no did it give him any fatigue from overusing it the way it affected Itachi and Sasuke when they used their Mangekyo Sharingan (For sasuke, it was before he got the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan). Why was this so?
There are a few theories and here is one i strongly believe to be the case. Obito when found half-dead was treated by Madara and he(Madara) grafted Hashirama Senju's flesh…

The Fastest Shinobis

There are multiple debates about who is the fastest shinobi in the Narutoverse. A lot of battles are about speed and usually the first to strike is usually the one who comes out victorious. There are many shinobis whose fighting style is built on speed. There are the raikages who practice nintaijutsu which combines their lightning release with taijutsu and there are Teleporters such as Minato Namikaze and Obito Uchiha and there are those with imposible reaction time such as Neji Hyuga and Madara Uchiha. These article aims to explain this phenomenon in a way that anime fans find agreeable.
Speed in Naruto is classified in three ways: running speed (when combined with chakra gives the shunsin no jutsu), reaction speed which is the ability to see and react to high speed movement; this  type of speed is usually seen shinobi with dojutsu such as sharingan and byakugan and then there is teleportation which is another type of speed entirely. I would give a list of 5 shinobis for each, some …