Saitama: The Hero's Hero

If a hero had a hero he could look up to, who would it be? The concept of heroes and villians are at the basis of animes everywhere. Every hero has his own way of doing things due to the fact he has his own type of power source that varies from anime to anime. Some heroes are darker than others while some are just guys who kick ass and then move on. The variety in powers has brought about questions about who the strongest anime character is. A previous article once discussed the different power sources but this article focuses more on the character than on the power source. Some of the strongest anime characters are Naruto, Ichigo from bleach, Meruem from Hunter X Hunter and Goku from Dragon ball z. They all have some really strong power source and are all contenders for the strongest anime character and they are all heroes and each one aspires to be stronger and better. This was all very interesting until a character was created not to win the title of best anime hero or strongest anime character but he was created just for fun and he has taken the anime world by storm. He is the hero's hero, the man who can do almost anything, the man who wins all fights with just one punch and the source of his power is common everyday exercise. Saitama is the parody of what a hero should be and what he should represent. Saitama isn't just strong, he is selfless, funny, is not distracted by anything and is 100% human. he does not have any official martial arts training, no life-force power such as nen or chakra and also hasn't eaten any devil fruit. What makes him a true hero is he is an average guy who does average things and should not be able to stand with these guys but he not only competes, he surpasses them in every way. A prime example is how Naruto and Kurama fought on the moon and he jumped from the moon to the earth.

Saitama is the strongest not because he is the ultimate hero but because he is the parody of one and should not be taken serious. His design is meant to make him the best hero there can be while still keeping him very normal and human which is an irony and hence the parody. So anime watchers, watch and enjoy one punch man without the need to compare Saitama to anyone because they would always lose to earth's mightiest hero.


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