Best Anime Power Source

Every anime world has an energy sources for the powers the individuals display and to be the strongest, one must have a lot of it or must be very adept at controlling it. Naruto has chakra as the basis for its powers and without chakra, one cannot perform even the most basic skills. Other anime worlds such as Hunter X Hunter use Aura (Life-force but called Nen), Bleach uses rieastu (Spiritual energy) while one piece uses devils fruits and haki (life-force). Due to the difference in energy sources for their powers, anime fans have long argued about which power is the best and which anime character is stronger than them all. Some animes like naruto and bleach have the main character be the strongest character while animes such as one piece and hunter x hunter have the characters not even close to the top 15 characters or top 10 characters. The two different styles have made it hard to compare characters from different animes such as Luffy from One Piece to Natsu from fairy tale or Comparing Sasuke to Killua from Hunter X Hunter. I once asked a friend who would win in a fight, Zeno from HxH (Hunter x Hunter) vs Kakashi from Naruto and he said Zeno would bury kakashi due to the nature of the powers. Nen in Hunter x Hunter is shown to be used continuously in a fight while chakra is just moulded and used up. For now, i would hold all my thoughts on which power is the strongest and leave that to you but i would like to get suggestions on interesting pairings for a fight and i would write an article on it. It can be characters from the same anime or from different animes. I look forward to hearing from you.


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