Anime Recommendation

I would like to recommend the following animes if its only naruto, bleach, one piece and fairy tale you have seen. Some of them are short animes and they are good for those who feel they cant commit to over 100 episode animes.

This is in order of preference for me.
1) Hunter X Hunter
2) Code Geaiss
3) Death Note
4) Psycho Pass
5) Akame ga Kill
6) Kill la Kill
7) Knights of Sidonia
8) Ghost in the Shell (Anime Movie)
9) High School of the dead (For those who like fan service)
10) Claymore (Old School Anime)

 I have seen a lot more and can recommend on demand according to genres. So please watch and let me know what you think.


  1. Is your list arranged based on most preferred to least preferred. Psycho pass sounds interesting tho, pls where can I find it?

    1. Yeah, its arranged like that. You can find it on anime websites such as and


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