The Spirit of Adventure: One Piece

Every little kid dreams of adventure from the moment they can walk and think simultaneously and to get that imaginary places and people are created and stories of grand adventures are formed. As we get older, we lose this excitement and that is where anime comes in. One of the greatest adventure stories told in anime is about a boy who wants to become the pirate king and find the treasure called the one piece. The anime is called One Piece after the treasure and Luffy is the main character. He is the captain of the Straw Heart pirates who go from land to land in search of adventure. One of the reasons i like this anime is that it is not about the good guy vs the bad guy like Naruto and Bleach, it is more like reality where there are good people in bad places and bad people in good places. Not every marine officer is a good person and not every pirate is a villain. The characters are intense and have good background stories and would keep any anime lover captivated. Their anatomies are strange and comical and the anime in general has a feel good setting about it The locations created by Echiro Oda are amazing and it ranges from floating islands to inhabitable areas at the bottom of the ocean reminiscent of atlantis. One Piece is an anime that should be watched by every anime lover. This blog would  share articles about one piece characters and anime theories.


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