About This Blog

I, the Author is a big fan of the Japanese art that is called manga and their multi-media depictions called anime and as such my passion has moved me to open this blog. I want to use this space as a means of connecting anime fans in Nigeria and around the world to one another and to also use this platform to share ideas.

I would write posts on mainstream anime such as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail and then i would move on to animes from different genres. I would from time to time recommend anime to readers and i can write an article on  demand if a reader wants to know more about a particular character from a particular anime; the reader can leave a comment under any article he has read.

I need the readers to know that the articles are written from my point of view and as such may be biased but i learn everyday and if i am unduly biased in any of my articles, please leave a comment.

Thank you and enjoy Anime9ja


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