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The New Uchiha Uzumaki Alliance

Looking at the Narutoverse, very few shinobi have co-operated on the scale that Naruto and Sasuke have. Their co-operation ninjutsu is second to none at the moment but it looks like it can be surpassed by their children. Boruto is a better shinobi than his father was at the same age although he lacks the chakra reserves his father has while Sarada has her father's skills and her mothers chakra control. Due to their rivalry from childhood, Naruto and Sasuke had trouble working with each other but they were able to pull it off on a couple of occasions such as the fight against Zabuza Momochi (the demon of the hidden mist), when Naruto and Sasuke used cunning and wit to outsmart Zabuza to release Kakashi from his Water Prison Jutsu. The height of their co-operation was seen at the fourth shinobi world war. We saw Naruto and Sasuke combine the wind style rasenshuriken and Inferno Style to fight the ten tails and then Sasuke covered Naruto's 9 tails mode with his Susanoo to fight …

The War Veterans

During the fourth shinobi world war, Naruto and Sasuke acheived god-like powers that made them virtually untouchable by any shinobi alive and very few shinobis who had died had ever attained that kind of power. Looking at the post fourth shinobi world, peace has come but it has been hard fought and the Otsutsukis haven't really made life easy. First it was Toneri and then it was Momoshiki. The Otsutsukis are in truth the only real challengers to make someone as strong as Naruto and Sasuke fight with full power but there is a theory that Naruto hasn't been fighting with his full power since the war and Sasuke may be a step down due to his missing arm. Lets look at a few things.
Naruto hasn't manifested the truth seeking orbs since the fourth shinobi world war and we know that they are some of the most powerful objects in the shinobi world due to the fact that they are a form of Kekkai mora (combination of all 5 elemental types). He also hasn't used any technique relati…

Tribute to a Legendary Uchiha

After speaking about a teleporter from the Senju clan earlier it was only fitting to speak about an Uchiha who moved so fast, he was called a teleporter. An individual who personified the ideal shinobi who overcame the trappings of his clan to serve the village. But who really was Shisui Uchiha? According to Hiruzen Sarutobi, he was a descendant of Kagami Uchiha who was a fellow student of Tobirama Senju and who possessed the will of fire. He is one of the strongest Uchihas ever mentioned but made him so special.#
Shisui Uchiha is the embodiment of true sacrifice and ironically the Senju will of fire. He chose to take the side of the village upon learning of the Uchiha coup in order to spare lives. He reported the actions of his clan members to the elders in the village. Shisui Uchiha was also a pacifist like Itachi and this was reflected in his Mangekyo Sharingan power, an unbreakable genjutsu which could control minds without the person being aware.
How strong was Shisui? Shisui di…

Tobirama Senju: Extremist or Visionary ??

Born into an era filled with war and crisis, Tobirama Senju was a pragmatist when it came to his principles in life. Their main rivals were the Uchihas who wielded the Sharingan and Masters of the Fire Release. In a sense he represented everything the Uchihas were not, he was strong due to his mastery of jutsu but the Uchihas grew stronger as their emotions awakened and improved their dojutsu and he was the best ever Water release user which is the only way to beat the Uchiha Fire. Two of his siblings were killed by the Uchihas and so he grew up having an understandable hatred for them. He had grown up knowing the Uchihas as his enemies and was even strong enough to kill one of the strongest Uchihas ever, Izuna Uchiha who had the Mangekyo Sharigan. Tobirama Senju was not just one of the strongest kages to have ever existed but one of the strongest characters in the series but the question is was he an Extremist or a Visionary??
Lets look at his deeds from the time he was young. He sp…

Uchiha Clan Revolt: Shisui and Itachi Tag Team

There is a theory that if Shisui and Itachi had taken the side of the Uchihas during their revolt, they would have succeeded in defeating and subsequently subduing the shinobi of konoha. How true is this? Would just two shinobi have made any difference.
Coup D'etat by the Uchihas if carried out would have been devastating to the Konoha. A lot of lives would have been lost from both sides with the Uchihas been eventually wiped out due to the number of clans and shinobi they would have had to battle. They are just one of four noble clans of Konoha and even though they are regarded as the most powerful clan in Konoha, they would have had to battle clans like the Hyuga whose Byakugan whose power of perception is stronger than that of the Sharingan, the Akimichi clan whose expansion jutsu gives them size as big as a complete body Susanoo and the Aburame clan with their chakra eating insect jutsu; the clans mentioned above are just the other three clans among the four noble clans of Ko…

The Uchiha Kunoichi

Most of my posts about the new generation have been centered around Boruto Uzumaki, his powers and his role in things to come. Someone who has the prerequisite powers to match Boruto's strength and stand by him during the destruction of Konoha is Sarada Uchiha. As an Uchiha Shinobi who has awakened the sharingan, she has powers of perception that are unmatched by her peers but just how strong can she get and what is her potential role in things to come.
Like i mentioned earlier, Sarada has awakened her sharingan which if trained properly gives her powers of perception and Insight which lets see thru genjutsu and cast genjutsu of her own, allows her to follow high speed movement, read opponents moves and handseals and offer some for of pre-cognition and she also has the ability to read her opponent's chakra. As an Uchiha she has the affinity for Fire Release and she may her inherited her father's lightning style. She has also been shown to be proficient with shurikenjutsu …

The Spirit of Adventure: One Piece

Every little kid dreams of adventure from the moment they can walk and think simultaneously and to get that imaginary places and people are created and stories of grand adventures are formed. As we get older, we lose this excitement and that is where anime comes in. One of the greatest adventure stories told in anime is about a boy who wants to become the pirate king and find the treasure called the one piece. The anime is called One Piece after the treasure and Luffy is the main character. He is the captain of the Straw Heart pirates who go from land to land in search of adventure. One of the reasons i like this anime is that it is not about the good guy vs the bad guy like Naruto and Bleach, it is more like reality where there are good people in bad places and bad people in good places. Not every marine officer is a good person and not every pirate is a villain. The characters are intense and have good background stories and would keep any anime lover captivated. Their anatomies ar…

The Otsutsuki Family

There are two dinstinct Otsutsuki clans in Naruto; The alien planet eating clan Kaguya is from and the clan who inhabited the moon who were led by Hamura. The difference is sometimes mixed as they are called by the same name the existence of the second isn't thoroughly explained.  The Otsutsuki's clan involvement in the anime has been minimal but their presence has shaped the story of Naruto. Kaguya was so scared of her clan members she created an army of white zetsu despite having god-like powers herself. Momoshiki and Kinshiki possessed byakugan and rinnegan and Momoshiki fought Naruto and Sasuke even pressing them until he defeated by Boruto's disapearing wind style rasengan. Toneri Otsutsuki nearly destroyed the earth because he felt he was following Hamura's decree but was defeated by Naruto and the events that followed helped Naruto to confess his feelings to Hinata. 
The Otsutsuki clan is without doubt the strongest clan in the Narutoverse as no other clan can …

Boruto's Dojutsu: The Tenseigan???

In the latest episode of Boruto anime, Boruto thinks he has awaken the byakugan and has gone to meet his grandfather, Lord Hiashi for more explanation. Viewers of the anime know that it is not the byakugan but a dojutsu that looks very much like the dojutsu Toneri awakened after implanting Hanabi's byakugan called the Tenseigan. The Tenseigan gave Toneri access to six paths level power, he could manifest truth seeking orbs and had some gravity like powers. Toneri is a member of the Otsutsuki clan (Not the alien one who go destroying worlds after worlds) thru Hamura Otsutsuki and Boruto is also a descendant of Hamura through his mother Hinata Hyuga and that means Boruto has Hyuga blood giving him access to Hyuga powers. 
Boruto had a dream where he was visited by someone who looked very similar to Toneri and that gives more credence to the idea that the dojutsu may be the Tenseigan. Another similar is the creature Boruto summoned. It was never explained if the creatures were forme…

The Forgotten Clan

Very few clans in the Narutoverse can match the Senju clan in fighting ability and even fewer would even dare to battle them. Their main rivals were the famed Uchiha clan during the era of warring clans. The Senju clan are descendants from Ashura Otsutsuki, Son of Hagoromo who inherited the sage's body. The Senju clan are therefore a clan whose members have extremely large chakra reserves and a strong life-force. Their last leader before the forming of the hidden villages Hashirama Senju was so strong he was given the title "God of shinobi" during his lifetime. The Senju possessed and unbreakable will later known as the will of fire and they were also known as "the clan of a thousand jutsus" due to their battle prowess and the clan use of different techniques as opposed to using just one type like other clans. So why did a clan this strong disappear? Kishimoto sensei never revealed the reason clan this strong would dissapear but he left clues and all that is l…

Itachi of the Sharingan

Itachi Uchiha is easily one of the strongest characters in Naruto and definitely one of the coolest. His character is loved so much by everyone who watches the Naruto anime and he is in fact compared to a bunch of characters who are in their own right legends in the narutoverse. How strong was Itachi Uchiha? Lets analyse this a bit. Itachi possessed very strong chakra even within the Uchiha and a proof of that was when he mastered the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique at a young age and at his first try. He awakened the sharingan and mastered it to a level even other Uchihas could only dream of and at the age of 11, he joined the Anbu Black Ops division.
Lets look at the weapons in his arsenal. Lets start with his preferred form of attack: Genjutsu. Itachi skills in genjutsu was so profound that he effortlessly defeated Kurenai Yuhi who was a genjutsu master in her own right. He put Kakashi under a genjutsu that can't be broken even with the use of a sharingan. He had differ…

Saitama: The Hero's Hero

If a hero had a hero he could look up to, who would it be? The concept of heroes and villians are at the basis of animes everywhere. Every hero has his own way of doing things due to the fact he has his own type of power source that varies from anime to anime. Some heroes are darker than others while some are just guys who kick ass and then move on. The variety in powers has brought about questions about who the strongest anime character is. A previous article once discussed the different power sources but this article focuses more on the character than on the power source. Some of the strongest anime characters are Naruto, Ichigo from bleach, Meruem from Hunter X Hunter and Goku from Dragon ball z. They all have some really strong power source and are all contenders for the strongest anime character and they are all heroes and each one aspires to be stronger and better. This was all very interesting until a character was created not to win the title of best anime hero or strongest a…

The Borrowed Rinnegan

Dojutsu can be transplanted and some of the wielders of these borrowed powers have come to be renowned and famous due to their mastery of it. Kakashi Hatake was known as Kakashi of the sharingan  or the copy ninja due to his prowess with it as it is claimed that he has copied a thousand jutsus. Another prime example of someone with a borrowed dojutsu whose prowess was known worldwide was Nagato Uzumaki, who wielded the rinnegan to such a degree that he was compared to the sage of six paths. The rinnegan was inplanted in Nagato by Madara Uchiha (reason would be discussed in another article). The rinnegan gave Nagato abilities such mastery over the 5 elemental natures including Yin-Yang release and it also gave him rinnegan specific techniques such as the ability to summon the gedo statue and chibaku tensei. To prevent individuals from knowing about his abilties, he implanted chakra rods in six corpses and gave them the ability to use a technique unique to the rinnegan. Some of the bat…

Rinnegan and the 6 Paths

The first article on the rinnegan showed its origin, how it can be awakened and who can awaken it. This article would discuss the different types and the abilities of the rinnegan. So far there have been just three original rinnegan users; Hagoromo, Madara and Sasuke and then all three rinnegans were slightly different. Hagoromo's rinnegan was developed immediately after he awaken the Mangekyo Sharingan which leads me to believe that his rinnegan was awaken when his mangekyo sharingan was combined with his insane amount of chakra (normal and sage). With his rinnegan awakened, he gained powers such as the truth seeking orbs which he could shape into anything, he could levitate of fly and he also gained half of the power needed to seal kaguya and Hamura got the other half.
Madara's rinnegan was similar to hagoromo's rinnegan in its shape and components that formed it (Mangekyo Sharingan and body of a true sage). His rinnegan didnt revert to mangekyo sharingan unless he want…


With boruto getting a dojutsu with the potential to be something close to the rinnegan, i only thought it was fitting for me to clear a lot of the misconceptions about the rinnegan. The rinnegan first appears in Hagoromo not Kaguya his mother (her own dojutsu is the rinnesharingan). He is not born with it as his brother Hamura was born with the byakugan (the original dojutsu of the otsutsuki clan), he isn't born with any dojutsu. He was born with very powerful chakra which gives him the ability to perform feats without handseals. He awakens the sharingan after a personal tragedy. He learns sage mode from the toads of Mount Myoboku and combined with his chakra gives him access to a very strong form of sage mode known as "6 paths sage mode". He awakens the Mangekyo Sharingan after a battle with his brother Hamura which then turns into the rinnegan almost immediately. My theory is that the mangekyo sharingan when combined with the 6 paths sage mode or the body of a true sa…

Best Anime Power Source

Every anime world has an energy sources for the powers the individuals display and to be the strongest, one must have a lot of it or must be very adept at controlling it. Naruto has chakra as the basis for its powers and without chakra, one cannot perform even the most basic skills. Other anime worlds such as Hunter X Hunter use Aura (Life-force but called Nen), Bleach uses rieastu (Spiritual energy) while one piece uses devils fruits and haki (life-force). Due to the difference in energy sources for their powers, anime fans have long argued about which power is the best and which anime character is stronger than them all. Some animes like naruto and bleach have the main character be the strongest character while animes such as one piece and hunter x hunter have the characters not even close to the top 15 characters or top 10 characters. The two different styles have made it hard to compare characters from different animes such as Luffy from One Piece to Natsu from fairy tale or Comp…

Wicked Eye Fugaku

Fugaku Uchiha was the leader of the Uchiha clan during the time of the uchiha downfall. He was father to Sasuke and Itachi. The fact that he was the clan leader and head of the Uchiha Police Force means he was a very capable shinobi but how strong was he. Let us consider the following facts. 1 He was considered to be the fourth hokage along minato and orochimaru and that is a testament to his strenght. 2 He mastered the sharingan to the point he was nicknamed "Wicked Eye Fugaku" during the third shinobi world war. 3 He unlocked the mangekyo sharingan after the death of a dear friend and he believed it was strong enough to control the 9 tails. 4 He was good at using fire release as all uchihas are and he was shown teaching Sasuke and Itachi.
Those may have been his strengths as a shinobi but how strong was he compared to other shinobi. I have a theory that at the time of his death when Itachi killed him, he could have fought off and killed Itachi who was a prodigy at the tim…

Next Hokage ???

Its being hinted that something bad would happen to Naruto, either death or stuck somewhere else. If Naruto does go MIA, who would be the best candidate for the position of the next hokage? There are quite a few possibilities; Sasuke Uchiha is the strongest shinobi alive next to naruto and makes a perfect choice due to his unrivalled skills as a ninja but his poor people skills would make an unapproachable hokage to the average shinobi. Konohamaru Sarutobi has been shown to be a Jounin class shinobi with different elemental styles and also with the ability to perform the rasengan and summon frogs, while also a capable shinobi his age and lack of experience in a leadership role would disqualify him for the post of hokage. Sakura Uchiha is a good choice for hokage as her only flaw is loving a guy who tried to kill her twice (please appreciate the humor), she is a wonderful medical nin and is strong enough to fight with the best of the best. Her analytical skills makes her very capable …

Anime Recommendation

I would like to recommend the following animes if its only naruto, bleach, one piece and fairy tale you have seen. Some of them are short animes and they are good for those who feel they cant commit to over 100 episode animes.

This is in order of preference for me.
1) Hunter X Hunter
2) Code Geaiss
3) Death Note
4) Psycho Pass
5) Akame ga Kill
6) Kill la Kill
7) Knights of Sidonia
8) Ghost in the Shell (Anime Movie)
9) High School of the dead (For those who like fan service)
10) Claymore (Old School Anime)

 I have seen a lot more and can recommend on demand according to genres. So please watch and let me know what you think.

Boruto Anime

The anime Boruto: The next generations has been met with mix reception from naruto fans as some feel that the franchise should have ended and this is just a money making venture. I have seen the new episodes and i find it very interesting. It still has some way to go to even compete with naruto classic but this gives Kishimoto the opportunity to answer some questions he left unanswered in the naruto franchise. Naruto focused on the clans from the bloodline of hagoromo such as the Uzumaki, Uchiha and the Senju and also on powers possessed by this bloodline such as the sharingan, sage mode and the rinnegan. The rinnegan is a result of combining Ashura and Indra power (When a wielder of the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan who is a reincarnate of Indra adds the power of the reincarnate of Ashura, the rinnegan is awakened). This power is one of the greatest shown so far in naruto as some of the strongest individuals have used it to devastating effect. Boruto gives Kishimoto the opportunity to …


Naruto Anime is about a boy who grew up being despised by the villagers to become someone who is very important to the village. For those who have haven't watched naruto, i strongly recommend that you do. For now, i would discuss very controversial topics in naruto such as rivalries between shinobis, stronger jutsus. I would also discuss origin and background stories of characters. An example of an article topic is who is stronger; Fugaku Uchiha or Itachi Uchiha( Itachi as at the time of the uchiha downfall) or what really is the rinnegan? I would also love to receive suggestions on topics.

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